Seasonally-driven lunches, revised weekly and based on a keenly-priced format - (starters £4, main courses £10 and desserts £4) - our evening menus have been described by critics as “sensational value,


Celebrate a special occasion or business meeting with elegant, simple menus, created by visionary chef, Chris McGowan. Catch-up with friends, or host associates in initimate dining rooms seating between 8-40. Show-stopping fare and impeccable service come as standard.


"A hive of endeavour, it is no wonder that Wine&Brine has a huge and very vocal fan base. Every town should have a restaurant of this standard "
Waitrose Good Food Guide editor Elizabeth Carter


Dining at Wine & Brine is an incredible sensory experience. This is the place to enjoy an intimate dinner, family get-together or business meeting, within a bright, open-kitchen restaurant, or in one of three elegantly comfortable private dining rooms. It’s where the spirits are imbibed with a growing list of specially selected fine wines and where your palate will be challenged to enjoy some of the most contemporary trends in dining. Bringing to today’s table age-old processes like brining and fermenting, only the most succulent and tender of meat cuts and freshest produce make it to the menu.

Wine & Brine’s cuisine is sourced by healthy local herds and poultry allowed to graze in rich pastures and greens and fruits plucked from verdant soils, artistically transformed into sumptuous yet simple fare. From the kitchen to the cocktail glass are transferred entree-enriching purees and syrups, infused with flavour-layering, freshly grown botanicals – and new ones every weekend. To his new gastronomic hub, Michelin-star trained Chris gifts skills honed from 20 years of training with acclaimed chefs like Richard Corrigan, Pierre Koffmann and Gary Rhodes.

Michelin-star trained Chris gifts skills honed from 20 years of training with acclaimed chefs like Richard Corrigan

Chris' ox tongue’n cheek pie should be a N.I. heirloom
Oliver Peyton
Great British Menu judge and Irish restaurateur
The best black pudding I’ve ever tasted
Tom Kerridge
Guest Great British Menu judge & Michelin starred chef
That tongue’n cheek pie was completely, utterly fabulous.
Matthew Fort
Great British Menu judge and award-winning food & drink writer

Participate in a Masterclass with Chris McGowan and experience the elements and skills required to produce food which looks and tastes amazing. Each class will end with participants sitting down for lunch in full view of the open kitchen.

Masterclasses take place on the last Saturday of each month.

Cost £60 per person includes apron and lunch.

Masterclass gift vouchers are available to buy - call 028 9261 0500 or pop into the restaurant

  • 28th Jan 2017 - Spice
  • 25th Feb 2017 - Pies
  • 25th March 2017 - Shellfish
  • 29th April 2017 - Baking
  • 27th May 2017 - CURING & BRINING
  • 24th June 2017 - TAPAS
  • July - N/A
  • 26th Aug 2017 - BBQ
  • 30th Sept 2017 - VEGETARIAN
  • 28th Oct 2017 - GAME
  • 25th Nov 2017 - XMAS LUNCH

    The alignment of great produce and a showstopper chef with Michelin-star training has ushered in a new era in dining in Northern Ireland.

    Wine & Brine in Moira is positioned at a crossroads of some of the best produce available in Northern Ireland which is fast emerging as a culinary hub of greatness.

    At its epicentre is three-time Great British Menu contender, chef Chris McGowan, who has been running the restaurant with his wife Davina to wide-acclaim.

    Show-casing the best of produce served in a contemporary way, featuring the pickling, brining and fermenting of food, McGowan returned to Northern Ireland in 2015 after honing a razor sharp and natural culinary talent in London.

    Training with some of the finest chefs for 20 years, among them celebrated chef Richard Corrigan, he spent eight years at the Michelin-starred Lindsay House before Corrigan moved to Mayfair, where McGowan spent nearly five more years.

    Prior to that, he was sous chef for Pierre Koffmann at La Tante Claire and worked with celebrity chefs, Gary Rhodes.

    Returning home now a field-leading gourmand, Chris brings ingenuity and a wholly unique eating experience to a local audience.


    Can Chris make it to the Royal banquet?

    Posted By: Wine&brine
    25th Jul 2016.

    Chris will soon be appearing on television, as he takes part BBC Two’s Great British Menu - for the third time – which this year marks an historic cookery first at the House of Commons.

    When Chris first appeared in it back in 2014 he won the regional heat for Northern Ireland and a lot of wonderful praise for the judges – for dishes we’ve kept on the menu for customers to enjoy.

    In previous years Chris has produced dishes which have left the panel of prestigious judges grappling for adjectives to adequately praise his skill.

    The following year, he came runner up in the regional heat, only missing out to ** our friend/another local man**? Ben Arnold, head chef at Home in Belfast (perhaps to show camaraderie in the field, but up to you..)

    Back then he was working for Richard Corrigan, of Corrigan’s of Mayfair in London, but this year Chris is appearing in his own right, for his home team, Wine & Brine.

    In previous years Chris has produced dishes which have left the panel of prestigious judges grappling for adjectives to adequately praise his skill.

    During last year’s competition judge Matthew Fort, who’s renowned as a food writer, said Chris’ ox Tongue’n Cheek pie was so “completely, utterly fabulous” they had seconds and thirds – another first for the GBM panel. Oliver Peyton, another Irish restaurateur, said the pie “should be a NI heirloom".

    The year before, guest judge Tom Kerridge, who has appeared on many TV cookery shows said Chris’ Pig Club black pudding was the “best I’ve ever tasted”.

    During the filming of the show life for Chris was hectic and despite giving himself so much to do to hit the high standards he sets for himself, he maintained his professionalism throughout and never cracked under the pressure.

    We’ll keep you posted with the exact date in August that the show returns to our screens but for now we’ll just have to keep schtum about how far he got...


    Chris features in the Great British Menu - starting again this month!
    Watch this space -
    rooftop garden for salads and herbs in progress.
    Did you know that natural lean meats like turkey chicken & pork benefit from brining?
    Brining acts like an electrostatic glue,
    preventing moisture from escaping the meat.
    Fermented food sound odd?
    Yoghurt, Pickles, cheese, salami, Beer and wine are formed by fermentation!
    All the artwork in the restaurant is by a local artist, Jonathan Aitken, and is available to buy.

    Wine & Brine can’t deliver great food without great produce. Doffing our cap in respect, it’s only fair that we shine a light on the companies and individuals who help our innovative kitchen team reach and maintain the very high standards of cuisine that makes its way to your plate.


    Among the suppliers who help us create delicious and innovative dishes is Kettyle Irish Foods. Set in the lush Fermanagh countryside, Kettyle provides Wine & Brine’s jaw-dropping cuts of beef including succulent ribeyes and fillet on the bone, as well as the exquisite - and whopping - tomahawk steak for two, which has customers taking to social media to sing its praises. Kettyle Irish Foods specialises in superior meats and meat maturation processes, like dry ageing, which locks in flavour and ensures the most tender results.

    It’s not surprising Kettyle’s dry aged beef is among the most popular dishes interpreted by Wine & Brine, alongside recipes devised from its Lough Erne lamb, Fermanagh free range poultry and bacon and rose veal. The master butchery range of specified cuts is prepared by founder Maurice Kettyle and his team of skilled and qualified butchers who have created a brand synonymous with award-winning quality. It services the best fine dining eateries across Ireland, the UK and Europe and in 2011 was selected to cater for Queen Elizabeth’s banquet on her first Irish state visit.

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